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Untappd FireTV screens

The Challenge

At Untappd for Business, one of our core offerings is the ability to display digital menu boards in your business. These menus used Chromebits to feature ads, announcements, patron check-ins, customizable templates, and the ability to display single pages or rotate through mutiple pages. Untappd maintained an inventory of Chromebit devices and logitech keyboards that we sold at cost. When Chromebits were discontinued, this left us with a stock of soon to be obsolete devices and at risk of losing one of our core value adds.


  • - No longer require Untappd to manage Chromebit/keyboard inventory

  • - Decrease barrier to entry for Digital Menus

  • - Limit technical support from our small team

  • - Reduce setup time for customers

  • - Maintain existing functionality for chromebit devices

Customer Pain Points

Customers were required to purchase our Digital Board Kits at $129/screen and follow a complicated setup process. Due to the way chromebits rendered on TVs, this setup often had an array of issues such as off-centered images, overscan, or pixelated images.


Per Board

30+ min

Setup time

1 keyboard

required per board

Fire TV User Flow screens Redesigned reports page

The Outcome

By moving to FireTV devices, our team was able to drastically reduce the amount of support articles related to device setup from our previous chromebit solution. Keeping almost all functionality within the Untappd for Business platform, we were able to continue to support our chromebit customers all while limiting upkeep from our engineering team.

While the benefits for Untappd were exciting to see, our customers received the largest gains. In addition to the ability to purchase a FireTV device at any big-box store, our customers now have:


Cost Savings


Faster Setup


control with FireTV app