Untappd Virtual Fest

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The Challenge

During the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Untappd cancelled the 2nd Annual Beer Festival. Given that the service industry had been hit so hard, Untappd pivoted to host our first Virtual Beer Festival in order to raise money for the Restaurant Strong Fund .

Myself and my fellow designer were tasked with creating a marketing site for the virtual festival. Due to our tight deadline, I focused on the graphics of the page, while Rob tackled the typography and development. Together we explored the organization of page content.

Redesigned reports page Redesigned reports page

The Outcome

The Untappd Virtual fest was conceptualized, negotiated, put on sale, developed, curated, rehearsed, and executed in 50 days. It took a ton of effort and communication across teams, but together we were able to accomplish the following:


Donated to RSF


Tickets sold


Chat messages

Redesigned reports page